Coffee is a liquid extract created by suspending several ounces of the ground, roasted pit of the berry of the evergreen bush Coffea Arabica in water heated to around 200 degrees Fahrenheit for several minutes.

Legend holds that coffee was first discovered by Ethiopian shepherds as far back as the thirteenth century AD, with some evidence suggesting it was first cultivated as early as the first century BC.  The first coffee plantations were established in Yemen in the early 1600s.

Coffee is one of the most widely consumed, legal stimulants in the world. It is one of the top agricultural commodities in the world and represents substantial portions of the Gross Domestic product in nearly every country where it is grown. Growers produce green beans in almost every tropical and near tropical country in the world, more than 70 to date.

Coffee processing also represents one of the most extended agricultural commodity industries in the world. Few other commodities can boast entire businesses dedicated only to selling its product.

Americans have the advantage of buying their coffee from many different sources, but it is with coffee more than any other food commodity that many people realize that they can make a social and political as well as an economic statement by the coffee they choose to buy and drink.

I roast coffee as a farm-based, self-sufficient, sustainable business. If you want to get your java from a source that avoids corporate interests and excessive middle-men, you’ve found someone to buy your coffee from.

You can find my prices and ordering information here.

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  1. Dennis,
    We would like to subscribe to have 1/2# each of Peru and Guatemalan coffee every 2 weeks if possible. If this works let me know. Use this email address I check this one several times a day.


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