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Like the death of an old friend

Posted by on 20 Apr 2011 | Tagged as: Roaster

At long last, after six years and several hundred pounds of coffee, my AeroRost II electric roaster finally gave up the ghost. It appears to be some sort of electrical malfunction inside the device that is causing the element to fail to maintain the proper temperature and is also causing the halogen lamp to shut […]

The last of the Coatepec and a nearly perfect dark roast

Posted by on 02 Apr 2011 | Tagged as: Coffee, Roasting

Today was something of a sad day as I roasted the last of my stock of Genuine Mexican Coatepec (it is no longer available), but on the bright side, I nailed the dark roast I was trying to achieve with it. The finished product has definite hints of chocolate, caramel, and  (I know this will […]