Net-neutrality wins

Finally, some good news out of Washington: The FCC is set to approve net neutrality rules Tuesday, according to the Washington Times via The Daily Beast.

For anyone who doesn’t know what net neutrality means, you can check out this great FAQ from Save the Internet. For those of you who don’t want to, allow me to sum up: net neutrality is the principle wherein service providers must provide open access to all content without special limitations on certain kinds of content. This means that a service provider cannot charge more for downloaded movies than it does for visiting Facebook, for example, nor can it block movie downloads or access to Facebook because it decides to.

What this means is that the same openness that helped make the internet the incredible resource it is today will remain in effect for some time to come. Of course, there will be legal challenges to this ruling, but it is a good ruling, nevertheless, for anyone who wants the internet to remain open and free from corporate interference.