If you want developers to adopt your browser, include a hard refresh option

I love Google’s Chrome browser because it is, so far, the best and most stable browser out there (thanks to Netscape, Microsoft, and Mozilla blazing a path for it).

I do have a problem, though, with the fact that Chrome does not have a hard refresh option for web pages. This makes checking certain kinds of changes to web pages almost impossible without switching to another browser or by clearing Chrome’s cache. From a developer point of view, neither of those solutions lend me to using Chrome for development work, which is unfortunate given how good the browser is otherwise.

So here’s my suggestion to the good folks at the Chromium development project, if you’re bothering to listen: add a hard refresh feature to Chrome. I would even accept a utility that I have to install or a menu item I have to specifically select. But, if I am going to use your browser instead of someone else’s, it has to do all of the things I need it to do, not just some of them.