Faith: Why are you surprised?

Why are you surprised it’s getting harder to be a Christian in 21st century America? In the industrialized West? In the whole world?

It’s not like you weren’t warned.

Of course you’re suffering hateful rhetoric. Of course you’re suffering discrimination. Of course you’re suffering disdain. Of course you can see the threat of persecution.

That’s exactly what God said was going to happen.

Did you think he was kidding? Did you think that he inspired what the Bible’s authors wrote to be ignored? Did you think it wouldn’t happen to you?

Well, you were wrong.

No, we were all warned, and we’re even ridiculed for believing the warning. Yet we can look around us and see the truth. The world hates us for what we believe. It hates us for who we believe in. It hates us because of our hope.

And, it will continue to oppose, discriminate, disdain, and persecute until it believes it has destroyed us. Until it believes it has driven the Word from the world. Until it believes it has become god.

Why are you surprised? These aren’t my words. They’re what you say you believe.


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