Dry erase paint work table surface

2014-12-31 13.14.42I have a few old, cheap folding tables I use as work tables in my studio. While working on another project, I discovered I had a surplus of dry erase paint, so I decided to pain the table surfaces with the paint as an experiment.

The surface turned out better than I expected. It took about six thin coats of paint applied with a foam roller to cover them, though there are still pits the dry erase marker can get into. Also, I’m not sure if it is a function of the paint or the surface, but they seem to be a little prone to ghosting. I’ve managed to overcome that so far with liberal use of dry erase board cleaner and shop towels.

If I do it again, I will definitely prime the surface first. I think a good latex primer would fill in a lot of the surface texture and produce a better finish for the dry erase paint.

Nevertheless, not bad for a spur of the moment experiment.