Wondering what to say

It’s been a long while since I wrote on this blog, not because I don’t have things to say but because I don’t know how to say them in a way that is both meaningful and fitting to my place as an educated layman.

One of the dangers inherent to writing about faith is that of passing oneself off as something one is not, even without intent. I intended this blog to be about my own thoughts about faith but discovered that some were taking it as something more and were, as a result, taking offense.

Some would just write and let come what may, but in matters of faith, I don’t believe that’s the right answer. This blog is by definition about both faith and witness because, in it, I share what I believe, and one of the things I believe most dearly is that it is important for me to avoid leading anyone astray with whatever I may write.

That said, I have things to say. They are my views, informed by what I believe, and I cannot hold them back. I welcome discussion, and I will do everything within my power to add clarity wherever I have been unclear.