Be ready now: 3 things you can start doing this week to be ready for whatever comes next: Shelter

Be ready now is a weekly post about things you can do right now to get ready for whatever might come next courtesy of Dennis L Hitzeman’s Readiness Weblog. You can find other posts in this series in the “Be ready now” category.

This week’s theme: Shelter

  • Immediate: Buy a tent. It doesn’t have to be a good tent, though quality cannot hurt. Make sure you have enough tent space for everyone in your readiness plan. After you buy a tent, buy tarps, rope, and tent stakes.
  • Intermediate: Is the place you live somewhere you can shelter in place? Is it livable without electricity or air conditioning? If not, what are your options?
  • Long-term: Consider stockpiling building materials, especially precut lumber and cinder block. Even if you don’t use them for construction, they may come in handy as collateral.


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