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For those who don’t follow tech news like I do, the 2010 edition of the Consumer Electronics Show is going on right now in Las Vegas. CES is like the technology version of the North American International Auto Show in Detroit but much, much cooler.

Today at CES, ASUSTeK, one of my favorite PC technology companies, unveiled a prototype for a dual-9 inch LCD netbook/tablet hybrid that has finally got me looking at the tablet PC market a little more seriously.

I think ASUS’s idea comes closer to the mark of what the prototypical netbook/tablet needs to be, but someone still needs to figure out the tactile keyboard angle in order for them to be machines serious computer users will look at. I have hope, however, based on their innovation with their Eee PC T91, that ASUS may be the first company to figure out what the machine should look like and be able to do.

I think the company that could end up giving ASUS a run for its money is the smartphone manufacturer HTC. While HTC comes at the problem from a completely different perspective, their innovation with form factor and design place them in a perfect position to take advantage of the upcoming tablet PC revolution.




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