Art goals for 2010

My first, obvious goal for 2010 is to complete my associate’s degree in Art at Sinclair Community College. Essentially, I have photography, my internship, and my graduation show between me and finishing. I’m taking photography and the internship this quarter, so assuming I pass, I will only have my show left in the spring.

Beyond that, my art goals for 2010 are a little more complex. Over the past couple of years I have learned a lot about art and about myself as an artist, but I have not committed to the art I think I will be creating. To that end, in 2010, I hope to accomplish the following:

  • Establish a regular routine of “developmental” art that includes more time with sketch books and just generally messing around with ideas.
  • Explore the idea that I am really more of a sculptor than I am a draftsman or painter.
  • See what I can do with all this cardboard I have been collecting over the past year. Specifically, I want to produce a dozen or so experimental pieces.
  • Push painting to its limits in class and at home.
  • Reestablish a regular routine for art in general.

My overall goal, then, is to return to the regular habit of creation that I once had but have since abandoned. Of course, the competing considerations will be my pursuits of education, writing, and farming, but I think it can still be done.