Seeing the world in studs: a Lego journey: So you’re and adult and you play with Lego..?

It’s the almost inevitable question adult fans of Lego eventually have to answer: you’re an adult, but you play with a kid’s toy?

It’s easy to try to reply with all sorts of philosophical and technical defenses of why it’s not even really a fair question and how what one is doing is not playing in the same sense that a kid plays. One can point out that adults play console games designed for kids or indulge in kids television programming. But the fact is, one is playing with a kids toy. It says it right on the box.

So what?

The fact is that Lego is an imagination toy, and far too many adults left their imaginations in their locker on the last day of high school. Being an adult fan of Lego is an unabashed tilt against that windmill: we can create using a toy, and nobody can stop us, and we better ourselves by doing so.

It’s not my mission as a builder to convince anyone this is a worthwhile undertaking; nevertheless, I hope that people can see the value to themselves in what I am trying to do. And now, to the building…


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