20070428 The Cause Is Not Lost

The public discourse over Iraq and its success or failure has reached a fevered pitch. While US Military forces fight to secure America’s future, the Leftists in the Democratic party are visiting our enemies and declaring that our military mission has failed.

The tragedy is that the United States is likely on the cusp of achieving its objectives in Iraq at the very point where the Leftist led US Congress is determined to declare defeat. Because average, non-military Americans have no idea what is really going on in Iraq beyond the lies of omission told by the nightly news, they have consented to this view even though it is tragically false.

America, Iraq, and really the entire world stand at the crossroads of very important decisions, ones that will determine the security and wellbeing for billions of people around the world in the next decades. If America fails in Iraq, the evil forces of fundamentalist Islam will have scored two powerful victories against us, once on 9-11 and then in Iraq, and these victories will only embolden them to fight harder.

In the mean time, the 2.5 million members of the US Military, in large part, support achieving the objectives in Iraq. They support achieving these objectives not because they have some ideological attachment to the fight, but because they understand that fighting the enemy in Iraq now prevents far worse fights far closer to home later, fights the American people will call upon these same military members to win.

In spite of significant attempts to cast the US Military as opposing continued operations in Iraq, the truth is far different. One such example of that truth is the Appeal for Courage web petition, a direct attempt to reverse the misleading and false insinuations that the US Military too is comfortable with defeat. Additionally, courageous civilians are supporting the troops by petitioning Congress as well.

The point of these petitions, as well as the nearly constant feed of truth available through military weblogs (BlackFive, Mudville Gazette, the Fourth Rail, the Winds of Change, Michael Yon, and others) and non mainstream news sites, is that the fight in Iraq is not lost and who better to know that truth than the people actually doing the fighting. We, the American people, asked these men and women to do this job, now perhaps we should listen to what they have to say about finishing it.


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  1. dlhitzeman says:

    How the Iraqis feel about the ‘war is lost’ debate.


  2. Wade says:

    Good post.

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