20070525 Worldview Web Roundup

The Worldview Web Roundup is a collection of links to the news, commentary, and information I found interesting or useful over the past week or so. If you want to read more of what is found in this post, find links to my favorite news, commentary, and information sites at Dennis L Hitzeman’s News Reading List.


Moderate Islam?Real Clear Politics

By now, most everyone has heard of the recent Pew Research poll of US Muslims. Many people are shocked by the results, especially the responses from young Muslims with regard to terrorism. Of course, the problem is not only that Muslims responded the way they did, but that Americans are surprised by such an assessment.

Unfortunately, many Americans have bought into the false notion perpetrated by the Liberal Left through the Mainstream Media that fundamentalist Islam is a perversion of the Koran and that Islam is really a religion of peace. The facts are somewhat different, and the ongoing growth and spread of fundamentalist ideology within Islam is a reflection of such facts.

Don’t believe me. Try reading Jihad Watch and Dhimmi Watch, two outstanding weblogs by Robert Spencer, an American scholar of Islam and the Islamic world. After reading about the daily state of affairs within Islam, nobody should be surprised that American Muslim youths thing homicide bombing is ok.

An Accurate AssessmentFox News

The US Senate is considering an immigration bill whose assessment could not have been provided better by House Minority Leader John Boehner. For those who have not been following this travesty in the Senate, the bill essentially gives amnesty to anyone currently living illegally in the United States under the guise that they will have a path to citizenship. Keep in mind that the bill does not require illegals to become citizens. It merely gives them that option.

Want more information? Check out this excellent explanation of the bill from Ed Meese (props to Rush Limbaugh for publicizing this video).


On Winning and Thinking We’re LosingMichael Yon Online

Michael Yon presents an outstanding piece on the British turn of control of the Maysan Province in Iraq (the province in which Basra resides) over to the Iraqis. He makes the very salient points about how the media chose to not really even cover this important event and then only to use the fact that it happened as false evidence of an ongoing defeat in Iraq. It is worth the read for its information value alone.


Victor Davis Hanson

Victor Davis Hanson is a classicist and conservative military historian that I, personally, just recently discovered. I find his writing to be concise and informative, as well as refreshing given his conservative credentials. I am currently reading his book The Western Way of War, which I recommend to anyone interested in investigating the experience of a phalanx infantryman in Classical Greece. Interestingly, I just accidentally discovered that he also maintains a weblog at Pajamas Media as well as writing for his own website and for the National Review.


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