You want me to be thankful for what?

Every year, about this time, a small wave of happi-fuzziness washes over the internet as people gather around their favorite blogs and social networking sites to tell each other what they’re thankful for. I always wonder about it because, frankly, I’m a self-centered, self-righteous, sin-filled SoB who would rather gripe about what’s wrong with things than wax poetic about things I claim I’m thankful for but probably really piss me off.

I mean, after all, my year started with the presidential candidate I opposed getting sworn into office in a peaceful transfer of power from the previous president (whom I ignobly supported, by the way) whose opponents him demonized as a villain and a dictator. Who could be thankful that our political system worked as its creators designed it for the 54th time without fail, thereby demonstrating that this crazy mess we call republican democracy might still be able to work even when a nation is as partisanly divided as ours is.

Seriously, then the economy didn’t just tank, it dove into the Recessionary Trench. Who cares about the fact that 80-something percent of the people are still working and that the economy is on the rebound right about the time when people who were paying attention said it would be. After all, I could only find a job 40 miles from where I live at exactly the time I needed it. Geesh.

Really, then there was my schedule: all this driving and working hard to try to become a writer and finish college. Who can be thankful about having the opportunity to pursue a dream they’ve had since middle school? I mean, I only got one thing published this year.

Then there’s my wife. All this working and teaching so I can focus on school. What about my quieros?

Family, you ask? I mean I’m only getting to live somewhere rent free and try my hand at farming while the rest of them root me on.

Oh, sure, fine. Then there’s all that stuff about food and shelter and all that. Whatever…


Oh yeah, then there’s those readers of mine. All that enjoying this crap and stuff. What are they thinking?


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4 Responses to You want me to be thankful for what?

  1. chris says:

    Thanks for nothing, you SOB.

  2. dlhitzeman says:

    Then there’s friends…

  3. djhitz says:

    Hey Fuzzy. Fuzzy Wuzzy Wuzn’t Funny. Was He? He doesn’t doesn’t check his comments more than a couple of days old, let alone respond to his email even if it’s a joke. So he won’t even see this one. Don’t try to corner the market on inadequacy, anger and despair. This is my department and I don’t use it much anymore. Keep out!
    Shouldn’t you be publishing this masterful, novel you wrote by today in the NoNaNeNaNoNu contest? Or are you going to use one you’ve had shelved for a couple of years?
    Thanks for crap and stuff. Keep it coming. How about a couple of days a week instead of …. whenever. There, you’ve been thrashed enough. Now go crawl under your cold, cold rock. Take your note pad and a pencil, please.

  4. dlhitzeman says:

    Ouch! A sound thrashing indeed.

    I do need to get back into a regular schedule here, as soon as I figure out how. At least knowing someone’s reading is a confidence boost.

    Perhaps I’ll head for my rock and thing about that.

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