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Looking ahead

We all hope that the year coming is better than the year past. It is a human desire to want better than what we have had, and new years bring that that idea to full boil. Usually, I try to be optimistic about a coming year, but 2009 is the first year in quite a while where I am not able to muster that optimism. Instead, I will try to be pragmatic. […] Continue reading

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Six days to go

Six days to go until we elect the man who will have to deal with the inevitable crises of the next four years.

Senator Joe Biden was not off the mark when he pointed out that world will test the next president. The world’s intent to challenge the United States is already clearly evident. These tests will not even be manufactured, as Biden suggested, except for, perhaps, the test caused by the consequences of retreating from Iraq before that country is ready to care for itself without our help. Instead, these tests will be the natural extension of the forces at play in the world as it already is. […] Continue reading

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A declaration of war?

In an interview with the Associated Press, the Pakistani foreign minister declared that Pakistan has not and will not allow foreign countries to pursue Osama bin Laden in its territory. […] Continue reading

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20071227 Worldview Item of the Day

Benazir Bhutto was hardly a saint, but she was likely the best chance for the return of some semblance of democracy and a true hard line against the Fundamentalist Muslims that threaten to overwhelm her country. Continue reading

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