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Gaming for the Rest of Us: Games I’ve been playing

My gaming has gone mostly mobile and casual these days. I don’t have the time to invest in sitting for hours playing PC games, and my attention span at the moment doesn’t support PC gaming anyway. That said, I do have a bevy of mobile games I’m playing on my iPad. Of course, the ever-present … Continue reading Games I’ve been playing Continue reading

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Gaming for the Rest of Us: First Impression- Civilization VI: Rise and Fall

Before I can review the first expansion for Civilization VI, let’s get something out of the way. There have been a lot of complaints about Civ VI, and Civ V before it, and I think they all boil down to two basic problems. First, starting with Civ V, the team at Firaxis tried to incorporate … Continue reading First Impression- Civilization VI: Rise and Fall Continue reading

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Gaming for the Rest of Us: Field Report: Banished

Banished is a real-time strategy building game in a similar vein to games like the Anno series, The Settlers series, or the Tropico series. I got Banished through Steam via a Humble Bundle. I found the game to be easy to pick up and play without too much of a learning curve for the interface. … Continue reading Field Report: Banished Continue reading

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Ineptitude or desensitization?

Recent failed terrorist attacks (the latest apparently in Rome) seem to indicate a terrorist enemy in shambles, pressed hard on every side and scraping the bottom of the barrel when it comes to operatives capable of carrying out meaningful attacks, … Continue reading

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