Speaking of dictatorship

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What do you call it when a government requires people to buy a product or service from the government by the threat of force?

If this happened in Honduras, the world would decry it as act of tyranny by a dictatorship. If this happened in the United States, the world would applaud it as part of much needed health care reform.

That’s right, the health care reform bill just put forth by Congress contains among its more than 1,000 pages of proposed new laws the provision that no one who does not already have private health insurance on the day the law were to go into effect will be able to buy private health insurance. Couple that provision with another that requires all Americans to purchase health insurance or suffer a 2.5 percent of income tax penalty enforceable by the same laws that throw tax evaders in jail or worse, and all of the sudden the United States is starting to look a lot like what the leftist crafters of this bill think Honduras looks like right now.

Of course, then there’s the up to 5.4 percent theft surcharge levied against Americans earning more than $350,000 a year simply because they earn more than $350,000. I can already hear some leftists crying, “What’s the problem? It’s only five percent!” while cleverly ignoring Obama’s promise to increase that same group of American’s income tax rate by 26 percent and their capital gains tax rate by 166 percent.

And never mind the fact that the proposed health care reform presented by the leftists in Congress does nothing to address what is purportedly the goal of the reform to begin with: to reduce the cost of health care.

So, what we have instead of reform is a program that mandates that Americans buy a product from the government under the threat of force, that steals from Americans who are working hard enough to live comfortably, and that fails to accomplish its primary goal of making the product we are being forced to purchase from the government cost less than it does from the private sector right now.

This is the change the Obamasar has commanded us to believe in. Do you?

Honduras is looking better with every passing moment.


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4 Responses to Speaking of dictatorship

  1. djhitz says:

    The way the “Drudge Report” reads: Our income tax will be up to and over 40 percent. People in New York City area and other big cities might pay up to 60 percent.
    This sucks bigtime, since our wages have been driven down. I’d say we’re about to lose another four to eight million more jobs, too. (I hope not). That would supplement, twelve million jobs already lost in the past four years.
    This plan won’t work. The math is all wrong. The government can’t and won’t reduce its spending to go along with this taxation.
    Why can’t the, present day democrats realize that the early nineties, democrats sent all these jobs overseas? Who would have thought that America, consumer of 80 percent of all manufacured product can not pay off, a nine trillion dollar debt by reducing the workforce, driving down wages, and reducing the value of a dollar?
    Killer “Oh-Bomb-Ya” at the helm. I have a better sense of reality than this guy.

  2. djhitz says:

    DL, In Cuba, it’s against the law to NOT vote on election day. If you don’t vote, you get arrested. Of course, there aren’t many choices. Cuba really isn’t a democracy. It’s a communistic, dictatorship. I’m sure Cuba is not the only nation to have a worthless, forced vote.
    They also have free, health care in Cuba. If it’s a job too complicated for Cuban doctors, they just fly them to Miami and the US foots the bill. Cuban, doctors are pretty good, doctors as a matter of fact.
    The fact remains that if every eligible, US citizen voted on election days. We might have more choices and you’d see that your, vote did to count. Then we all could whine and moan about our ineffective, leaders. This is the right of those of us, who vote. We know, our votes count and we alone, reserve the right to complain about our public officials.

  3. dlhitzeman says:


    I agree with Drudge about the whole taxation thing. Some people want to deal with each tax as if it exists in a vacuum, but when taken together, the overall load is breathtaking. Add Ohio to the growing list of states whose citizens are going to approach a tax burden of over 50 percent of things keep going the way they are.

    At least Cuba is straight forward about what it is doing: everything is about the revolution there. We had a hope and change revolution, but everyone still thinks we’re living in a democracy.

  4. djhitz says:

    You seem to dismiss our nation to resemble George Orwell’s, “1984” or Montag’s, Fahrenheit 451 or even Soylent Green. Take advantage of our spoils while, you still can. They’re disappearing.

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