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Deepwater Horizon

My prayers and thoughts go out to the missing and inured workers of the Deepwater Horizon and their families, which sank today after a catastrophic explosion yesterday. DLH

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Farming: 2010- A beer odyssey

Here’s one for the “checking something off of life’s list” category: today, at long last, I purchased the supplies necessary to form the beginnings of what I hope to be my long endeavor with brewing beer myself.
Fortunately for me, and for Dayton, the owner of Belmont Party Supply in East Dayton has made starting this endeavor […] Continue reading

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Farming: Peep!

Chickens have once again arrived at the farm in the form of 50 Speckled Sussex peeps from the Mt. Healthy Hatchery. These birds are a heritage breed know for good quality in both laying and meat. Chickens are part of our overall strategy for self-susta… Continue reading

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Farming: Pondering

Part of the revolution in food production I am joining is to reject commodity markets in favor if finding ways to raise food that we will sell directly to the people who eat it. The last time I checked, no one eats the GMO field corn and soybeans that dominate our agriculture sector, mostly because […] Continue reading

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Farming: Never again

I went to the stock auction today because Keba and I hauled our calves there over the past couple of days and I wanted to see for myself what their business was all about.
I will never take my animals there or buy animals from them again.
We took nine perfectly healthy, vibrant young calves to that […] Continue reading

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