A few thoughts on helping people

For all of you people out there whose main support of the apparently eternal expansion of government is that it “helps people”, I have a few questions:

  • How does it help people to assume you are smarter than anyone who disagrees with you?
  • How does it help people to ignore the arguments of people who disagree with you?
  • How does it help people to mock, ridicule, and insult anyone who disagrees with you?
  • How does it help people to saddle them with $170,000 worth of federal debt before this decade is through?
  • How does it help people to pay for the things you are providing them by taking that payment from someone else?
  • How does it help people to concentrate more and more power over the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness in the hands of fewer and fewer people?

I’m pretty sure that these were the questions that the monarchs, nobles, and aristocrats of France should have been asking themselves just before Bastille Day. They didn’t, and if you’re any kind of student of history, you’ll consider what happened next.


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2 Responses to A few thoughts on helping people

  1. djhitz says:

    It seems society as a whole has trouble admitting they are wrong. It’s arrogance and self induced, righteousness.
    As for Bastille Day: Do you really think our fat, pacified, overindulgent society is ready to publically extinguish our Charles Stuart I or Louis XIV?
    I’m saying this here on Worldview. Our Commander in Chief is a socialist. He’s given our parents and grandparents, life savings away to banks.
    I do not want be controlled by the government from cradle to grave. It’s against our founding father’s wishes.
    He acts like an arrogant, white supremist, Harvard lawyer. It doesn’t matter if he’s “half” black. I’d rather have, a black woman (like Maya Angelou) be president. A black lady wouldn’t let all this crap going on, happen.
    This guy is leading us down the path of Fahrenhieit 451, Soylent Green, 1984, and the Book of Eli.
    He has a couple of more years to try to make me, proud. Will he do it?
    Voting out all the bad senators, this year is a start but where do we go from there?

  2. dlhitzeman says:

    It doesn’t take too many people, really only a handful compared to the total population, to have enough to storm the walls of the Bastille, DJ, but perhaps the real question is whether that is how we should do it at all.

    I think you make a far better point: vote out the bad wood in every election from here forward, not just by voting but by participating. We need to join with out fellow patriots to seek out the people who will represent us best and encourage them to run, not as Democrats or Republicans, but as someone representing their constituents and their states.

    That is where we go from here, if we have the courage to do it.

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