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Sometimes, it seems like it was just yesterday. I remember sitting at my desk at work when the news the first plane hit broke. We were all clustered around the television when the second one did. A dozen military men, … Continue reading

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The global attack on productivity

I often wonder–as the debates rage on about government budgets, deficits, and taxation–how many people realize that most taxation is an assault on their productivity. You see, all you have available to you in life is your time and your … Continue reading

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26 random things that could cease to function during a government shutdown

Most people pay no attention to how many areas of everyday life our federal government is involved in. Many people believe a government shutdown will not affect them even as they depend on federal services almost every day of their … Continue reading

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On the front lines of the rhetorical civil war

It is an idea that has dogged me for years now: that our nation has entered a kind of civil war fought mostly with words and mostly in the wild public spaces only the internet and omnipresent mass media can … Continue reading

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Post-election hangover

Things never look as good the next day as they did at the time we were doing them. So, the people who bothered to vote in this election brought the Republicans back into power in the House and many states … Continue reading

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