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Thoughts from Innisfree on the Stillwater: Government silences a 9-year-old girl over bad press for telling the truth

This article about the local government of Argyll and Bute, Scotland silencing Martha Payne of the NeverSeconds  school lunch blog is exactly why I am so adamant in my opposition of governments involving themselves in food. What possible rationale can a government have for censoring … Continue reading Continue reading

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The global attack on productivity

I often wonder–as the debates rage on about government budgets, deficits, and taxation–how many people realize that most taxation is an assault on their productivity. You see, all you have available to you in life is your time and your … Continue reading

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The cost of reality

I’ve been watching the progress of the collective bargaining revocation bills in Wisconsin and Ohio with great curiosity and not a small amount of amusement. What I see on all sides of this debate is a failure to deal with reality. Teacher’s unions fail … Continue reading

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Julian Assange: The new kingmaker?

The rise of Julian Assange and WikiLeaks represents the rise of the non-state actor as a significant force on the world state. While historically such actors were terrorist groups, Assange and his website represent a new entry: that of the … Continue reading

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Non-state actors

The recent release of over 80,000* classified documents by the website WikiLeaks represents what is very likely the largest and most damaging public disclosure of protected information to the public in the history of espionage. The potential damage caused by … Continue reading

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