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The cost of reality: taxing ourselves out of debt?

A comment on a previous post suggested that, rather than attack unions or cut spending, we should just raise taxes. My gut response was “raise taxes on what exactly?” I’m pretty sure that most Americans have no idea who is … Continue reading

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The cost of reality

I’ve been watching the progress of the collective bargaining revocation bills in Wisconsin and Ohio with great curiosity and not a small amount of amusement. What I see on all sides of this debate is a failure to deal with reality. Teacher’s unions fail … Continue reading

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Readiness: The looming currency collapse

UPDATE: For those who find the linked video too painful (that is badly done) to watch, if you browse away from it, then click “Stay on this page” from the resulting pop-up” it will take you to a transcript of the video. I’m not much for investment research firms for the most part, so I […] Continue reading

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Snowpocalypse Now

Do you have stories about the winter storm that hit on 31 January through 2 February 2011? Post your experiences in the comments. It’s for posterity, you know. DLH

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Farming: Staying the course, or farming goals for 2010

As I mentioned previously, I give myself a D+ for the past year’s effort. That means there’s still a long way to go, so the goal for this year is to stay the course with what I am already doing. Staying the course means resisting the temptation to add more when what I am already […] Continue reading

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