In American politics, at least, underhanded tactics are a time tested way to bully one’s political adversaries into doing what one wants them to do. Barack Obama seems particularly versed in underhandedness, as he once again demonstrated yesterday.

The problem, as is usually true with underhanded political tactics, is that it does nothing to solve the problem and will likely make the problem worse. Obama has used fear to motivate millions of Americans to badger their representatives into doing something that could very easily prove destructing for the country, and he did so to achieve political goals that could very easily prove destructive to the country.

Let’s face reality: Social Security is part of the reason our federal government is so far in debt to begin with, and without substantial reform–yes, even cuts–to the program, our federal government cannot remain solvent. The specter of checks not going out in August is just the tip of a very deep iceberg for a government that borrows almost half of every dollar it spends.

If the president wants to be a real leader, he should present a plan that might actually save the government from default, both now and in the future. Instead, he makes the same old tired arguments he always has: tax the rich, spend like a drunk sailor on shore leave.

In the meantime, he fiddles while Washington burns, and now his song has been tuned to make people dance in fear.


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3 Responses to Underhanded

  1. djhitz says:

    Who knows why our modern, “career politicians” want to fiddle about while the most catastophic thing in history is about to happen? You’d think with your vote. You bring in the best people who can save our way of life but our governing bodies, executive, legislative and judicial extend the suffering and deal with small fish. Our economy has crumbled. We’re just living on the “old towers” of our nation’s sucess. In the future, we might be too weak, tired and sick to save our place on the global scale. Love our God and then one another. These are, our last riches.

  2. dlhitzeman says:

    DJ, I think you are right. If we are to save anything, it will only be when we return, as a nation, to loving our God and one another.

  3. djhitz says:

    They are, our first and last riches. Alpha and Omega.

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