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Science and Technology: Can we talk about pocket computers for a bit?

So, here’s the thing… I know most of us think of that digital leash we carry as being a “phone”, and I guess, in some way, because of how it was manufactured, it is in some way a phone. Except, really, it’s not. I know some people still talk on it, but if you look […] Continue reading

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Education: More on rethinking education.

The last time I posted to this blog, I opined that I believed it was time for us to rethink the purpose of education. More than two years later, I am more convinced than ever that premise is true. From my view, the modern education system is a weird chimera of the classical notion of […] Continue reading

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Walking along the narrow road: Pondering what’s next

I established this blog with the intent of it being many things. Along the way, I’ve doubted every one of those things and, as a result, have not moved forward on any of them. I return to ponder what I … Continue reading Continue reading

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Food: Our love affair with food

I’m sure you’ve heard some version of the old adage, “eat to live; don’t live to eat,” and while it’s a great sentiment, it doesn’t help us at all with our modern love affair with food. It’s easy to bemoan the realities that have lead to that end, but what we really need is a … Continue reading Our love affair with food Continue reading

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Creativecraft: Inspiration

I hate inspiration. There, I said it. Inspiration is an infuriating creature. It’s capricious. Fickle. Unpredictable. Unreliable. It rarely gets work done and is notorious for abandoning me right in the middle of something that needs done. And it is … Continue reading Continue reading

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