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Science and Technology: Can we talk about pocket computers for a bit?

So, here’s the thing… I know most of us think of that digital leash we carry as being a “phone”, and I guess, in some way, because of how it was manufactured, it is in some way a phone. Except, really, it’s not. I know some people still talk on it, but if you look […] Continue reading

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Why the internet was invented

Don’t let the academics tell you it was for sharing research. Laugh when the government says it was to share important defense information with far-flung installations. No, the internet wasn’t invented for those purposes, it was invented to make Google … Continue reading

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Stop installing extra stuff I don’t want

Dear software companies (you know who you are), While I appreciate that you are willing to provide me extremely useful utilities at no direct cost to me and that you regularly update those utilities to ensure the continue to work … Continue reading

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Worldview Web Roundup for 20100616

Want to capture your handwriting as a font? Here’s a step in that direction. One domestication too far? Modern dogs are dumb and we made them that way, according to researchers. On why NASA is an agency from an earlier, dead age … Continue reading

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Bibliographic citation generator website

For anyone who writes and needs to cite works in their writing, try checking out, a web-based citation generator. It could save you a lot of work along the way, but make sure you give credit where credit is … Continue reading

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