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Thoughts from Innisfree on the Stillwater: Some thoughts on bureaucrats, school lunches, and the lies we tell ourselves

Bureaucrats tend to obfuscate the truth with words, and far too often, people fall for the resulting lie. Take school lunches as an example. As recently evidenced by the whole debacle over the NeverSeconds weblog, bureaucrats will continue to insist … Continue reading Continue reading

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Industrialized society

There is a YouTube video making the rounds on the internet right now of a whiteboard animation of part of a speech on the state of American public education by Sir Ken Robinson: One of the amazing points Robinson makes … Continue reading

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Worldview Web Roundup for 20100616

Want to capture your handwriting as a font? Here’s a step in that direction. One domestication too far? Modern dogs are dumb and we made them that way, according to researchers. On why NASA is an agency from an earlier, dead age … Continue reading

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Worldview Thought for the Day Being a college student, I find myself in the unique position of being able to overhear all kinds of conversations between my fellow college students. While many of those conversations are unremarkable, the one I … Continue reading

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12:45 p.m.: Issue 52

The Dayton Public Schools has another levy increase on the ballot for this election. This is a scaled back version of the 16 mil levy heavily defeated last May, asking for only 4.9 mills this time around.

I voted against both of them. […] Continue reading

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