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Art: Badly drawn comic for 27 June 2017 — Fealty

There’re piles and piles of ’em right here… Continue reading

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Science and Technology: A first look at Kindle Unlimited

I recently took the bait and started the 30-day trial of Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited. I can sum up my initial opinion in one word: disappointed. The specs for the service look impressive at first blush: 600,000 ebook titles available for $10 a month on any Kindle enabled device you use. The problem is that 595,000 […] Continue reading

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Science and Technology: It’s impossible, eh?

So, Amazon engaged in an amazing bit of free advertising Sunday night when it announced its research initiative, Prime Air, on 60 Minutes. From the moment the piece aired, sectors of the internet have been abuzz with the news. But what has amused me the most has been the response of the technology media, led […] Continue reading

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