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The self-executing republic

The threat to use the so-called self-executing rule to pass health care legislation by the Democratic leadership in the House of Representatives represents the latest example of a growing trend on the part of the oligarchs in government at all … Continue reading

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11:15 p.m.: A difficult conclusion

We, the people gathered in the Worldview War Room, have concluded that the election has been settled and that Barack Obama will be the next President of the United States. -=DLH=-

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A quick thought on “the right to vote”

I have heard several times now in the past twenty-four hours the contention that the Constitution does not contain a right to vote. It appears, based on the words from his own mouth, that this meme started with Neal Boortz, who I expect to make such a general and incendiary comment in order to rattle people.

The question of the right to vote is one of the several questions of Constitutional politics that cannot be reduced past its inherent level of complexity. Boortz statement insinuates that there is no right to vote at all, a claim that violates the requirements of both logical thinking and irreducible complexity. […] Continue reading

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