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When you look at your country, who do you see?

To me, last night’s State of the Union Address represented the same kind of drivel that I’ve come to expect from all of our politicians for years. Obama went right to the boasting and political pandering that has defined national … Continue reading

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Words matter, especially when they’re missing

Over at Cranach: the Blog of Veith, is the story of the misplaced “at” in Virginia’s school bus safety law and someone who got off with breaking the spirit of the law because of it. It turns out that the … Continue reading

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Putting one’s money, and action, where one’s mouth is

It’s a popular pastime in certain circles to bash on rich people for not helping “the poor” and it is an unusual occurance when rich people respond with an “oh, yeah, well watch this!” Yet, a group of rich people, including Bill … Continue reading

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