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Where do I stand?

Someone commented on a Facebook post today that she wasn’t really sure if she ever really knows where I stand on the issues I tend to discuss on Facebook and elsewhere. The fact is that I’m not trying to be … Continue reading

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When you look at your country, who do you see?

To me, last night’s State of the Union Address represented the same kind of drivel that I’ve come to expect from all of our politicians for years. Obama went right to the boasting and political pandering that has defined national … Continue reading

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Living wisely

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Worldview Web Roundup for 20100612

No, no I’m not a rationalist. I’m a holist, which kind of envelops and swallows rationalism. The cost of food. On philosophy. DLH

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On Philosophy

…[P]hilosophy is not a senseless parade of abstractions created to fill out the ritual at cocktail parties or in Sunday morning services. It is not a ponderous Continental wail of futility resonating with Oriental overtones. It is not a chess … Continue reading

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