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Never forgotten–Memorial Day 2011

It is appropriate that our nation should set aside a day to remember the sacrifices of all those who gave of themselves in defense of their nation to the point of giving their lives. Without such sacrifice, the republic could … Continue reading

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The cost of reality: who do you believe in?

I believe a significant part of the debate over everything from massive deficits to union bargaining rights centers around a question most people never consciously consider: who do they believe in? In this case, I am not talking about belief or lack … Continue reading

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Farming: Feeding the world

I’ve begun to wonder when the idea of feeding the world first became a moral imperative among farmers. Why is it that farmers have inherited the responsibility to feed everyone who has decided to do something else no matter what the personal cost? I think I know how this idea came into being. As scientists and governments conceived of […] Continue reading

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Worldview Web Roundup for 20100612

No, no I’m not a rationalist. I’m a holist, which kind of envelops and swallows rationalism. The cost of food. On philosophy. DLH

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Farming: The cost of food

I recently came across an article on Gizmag.com about AeroFarms urban vertical aeroponic systems. I found the article to be an interesting and exciting description of yet another way for humans to grow food in environments where food production has been traditionally difficult or impossible. What caught my attention more than the article, though, were the […] Continue reading

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