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20060829 Bible Study for the Day: 2 Samuel 10-11

Today’s reading begins one of the greatest tales of sinful intrigue recorded in the Bible, perhaps in all literature. Within the story of David and Bathsheba, nearly every commandment set by God as a guide for His people is broken by David as he covets, commits adultery, murders, and steals. For all of David’s greatness, such actions are enough to undo all of what we have known of Him to this point, except for one thing. Continue reading

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20060829 World Watch Focus: Doing Something About Something

The headlines of recent months have been full of dire news and more dire predictions about a host if international issues, mostly swirling around Iraq, Iran, and North Korea, with a lesser focus on places like Afghanistan, Somalia, Pakistan, Indonesia, and the Philippines. These headlines and their associated articles, however, point to a real fact that even these articles, their authors, and their readers often miss, and that is the fact that all of these places are part of real problems that really need to be dealt with. Continue reading

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