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20070131 A Success Story from Iraq

In the linked article, Austin Bay writes for TCS Daily of the recent Iraqi victory over the Jund al-Samaa, or ‘Soldiers of Heaven’, a radical, fundamentalist Shi’a group dedicated to the armed support of the return of the Mahdi, or Shi’a messiah. This group apparently believed that other Shi’a in Iraq were apostate because they did not support an armed insurrection in support of the Mahdi and because they support the current government of Iraq, and as a result, they planned to massacre Shi’a pilgrims on their way to Najaf for the celebration of the Shi’a festival of Ashura. Continue reading

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20070131 Bible Study for the Day- Matthew 3

In building the foundation of Jesus as the Messiah promised to the Jews, Matthew points out that all of the prophecies concerning the Messiah were fulfilled, and not just the ones dealing with Jesus directly. One of the most important of those prophecies was that Jesus coming would be foretold through the voices of others who would announce His presence unambiguously to the whole world. John the Baptist fulfilled that promise through his ministry at the banks of the Jordan. Continue reading

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20070131 RELC eDevotion for 31 January 2007

The Resurrection Lutheran Church eDevotion is a periodic email and blog devotion published by the church as ministry to its members and as an outreach tool. It is cross-posted to the Worldview Weblog in an effort to reach a larger audience. Here is the link to the eDevotion for 31 January 2007. Continue reading

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20070131 First Look- iRobot Roomba Discovery for Pets

I love robots!

No, I’m not just repeating the commercial, I actually really do have a, perhaps unhealthy, infatuation with robots, and the iRobot Roomba Discovery for Pets furthers that tendency. Continue reading

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20070130 Bible Study for the Day- Matthew 2

Context for Matthew 2 Arguably, the foundation is the most important part of a building because without it, no other part of the building can stand. The first chapters of Matthew are a foundation, establishing Jesus as the Messiah by … Continue reading

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