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Liveblogging the debate

If everything goes the way I want it too, I plan to liveblog the debate tomorrow starting around 8:45 EDT. Continue reading

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Why McCain? Because national security is still the issue.

Regardless of who wins the White House on 4 November, regardless of whom we inaugurate 20 January 2009, that person will still inherit a nation at war. Even though the news and the campaigns largely choose to ignore the fact that more than 200,000 members of our all-volunteer fighting force are in harm’s way, we will still inaugurate a wartime president. Whether the winner of the election believes in the notion of winning or withdrawing, he will still be forced to deal with the harsh realities of deployments and fighting and dying because we are a nation at war. […] Continue reading

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More McCain around the web

Cephas over at the Free Radical has a good post up on why he is voting for McCain.  -=DLH=-

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