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One view of the financial crisis

An interesting video on the financial crisis. It’s lengthy but worth the watch. h/t to Winds of Change

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Something good happened in Washington today

If one only judged by the media frenzy, one might conclude that the world ended sometime this afternoon when 228 brave representatives listened to their constituents and their own consciences and voted against the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act, better known as the Wall Street bailout. Instead, while the economy is rough and times are tough for some people, we are all still here and without a $700 billion dollar debt against our futures. […] Continue reading

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SpaceX gets to space

Private, commercial exploitation of space just got closer with the successful fourth attempt by the company SpaceX to get its Falcon 1 launch vehicle into orbital space. This success represents a milestone because it is the first venture that did not involve government-industrial complex members to make happen. […] Continue reading

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A concession of reality

If we held the election today, Barack Obama would win. […] Continue reading

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Now our enemies should be terrified

h/t to Mrs. Greyhawk

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