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Circumventing government

In case you haven’t noticed, the government isn’t really very good at solving anything. My latest point of reference for that claim is the ongoing disaster occurring in the Gulf of Mexico now begins to devastate the Gulf Coast still trying to … Continue reading

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Hindsight and all that

One of the modern favorite past times of a whole lot of people who know nothing more about war than what they see on TV or read on the internet is to believe the so-called definitive accounts of so-called journalists … Continue reading

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A prize does not bring peace

There will be a lot of people who want to use the Nobel Committee’s awarding of the Peace Prize to Barack Obama as proof of something. Those who support Obama will claim that it is an award that proves Obama’s … Continue reading

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One view of the financial crisis

An interesting video on the financial crisis. It’s lengthy but worth the watch. h/t to Winds of Change

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