Circumventing government

In case you haven’t noticed, the government isn’t really very good at solving anything. My latest point of reference for that claim is the ongoing disaster occurring in the Gulf of Mexico now begins to devastate the Gulf Coast still trying to recover from one of the last major disasters the government failed in its effort to respond to.

These failures are but the latest examples of a reality that the Founding Fathers understood but that the progressive movements of the 20th century convinced us to forget: we can only trust government to successfully exercise a limited set of carefully enumerated powers because, once it expands its control beyond that scope, it fails at both what it is supposed to do and what it has claimed it can do.

So, now we have what may prove to be one of the greatest man-made disasters in the history of mankind unfolding in the Gulf and everyone seems to be sitting around waiting for the government to do something. Meanwhile, the government, which I can assure you has no plan or capacity to solve this problem anyway, exhausts itself trying to figure out who is to blame. None of these things resolve the possibly permanent damage that the oil is doing to the Gulf.

In these things, the failure of overreaching government and dependent society in action. We are going to sit by, waiting for someone else to solve the problem while no one solves it and the disaster just gets worse. Granted, I have a limited capacity to do anything, but I will tell you that I will financially, and if I am able, personally and physically support any private citizen or organization who decides to circumvent the governments of the United States and the states affected to start breaking up the oil slick and clean up its aftermath.

If you know of such an effort already underway, please let me know, and I will do what I can to support it.

And this is how we will solve most of our nations ills, while we’re at it. If you see a problem, find someone who can fix it, and get it fixed. Forget the government, because if the problem exists, the government has already failed.


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  1. Keba says:

    Have they started hearings to determine whose fault it is and how to punish? Seems like a better use of time would be having the House and Senate on the beaches scrubbing rocks with a brush. Or telling the bayou residents how they are going to survive when they can’t fish/shrimp/hunt.

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