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Worldview Web Roundup for 20100621

A bunch of rich people are going to commit half their fortunes to charity. You may not be rich, but what are you going to do? Breakup of the Hayabusa asteroid probe as it reenters the atmosphere and delivers its … Continue reading

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Worldview Web Roundup for 20100605

Want to know how much money from a certain time was worth in another time? Try measuringworth.com. Meat and potatoes Christianity: an iMonk classic from the late Michael Spencer on why he was not a fundamentalist. Open course materials from MIT classes: MIT … Continue reading

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An amazing return on an investment

Worldview Tech Item of the Day Five years after landing on the surface of Mars and 4 years and 275 days after mission planners expected them to stop working, the twin surface rovers Spirit and Opportunity are still going. From … Continue reading

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On a planet far, far away

UC Berkeley researchers using the Hubble Space Telescope have produced what may be the first image of a planet outside our solar system. The amazing picture shows a several Jupiter mass planet against a debris field around the star Formalhaut. […] Continue reading

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Such old news

The  Times of London reports on a “secret” plan by the Pentagon to develop a spaceplane capable of carrying Marines to hotspots around the world in a few hours. Readers of Worldview might note that I have discussed this program … Continue reading

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