Such old news

The  Times of London reports on a “secret” plan by the Pentagon to develop a spaceplane capable of carrying Marines to hotspots around the world in a few hours. Readers of Worldview might note that I have discussed this program several times, most recently on the 23rd of September. I’m not sure if the Times is recycling old news by adding the word “secret” or if they just found out.

Also, if John Harlow had bothered to listen to even part of his conversation with Will Whitehorn, the CEO of Virgin Galactic, he would know that the “White Knight”, which he repeatedly refers to as the spaceplane being developed by Scaled Composites for VG, is actually the carrier called WhiteKnightTwothat launches the actual spaceplane called SpaceShipTwo.

For the record, I linked to these facts after about ten minutes of web searching. Mr. Barlow might want to have one of his assistants do that for him in the future…

These are the people we are supposed to be relying on for accurate reporting of the news? If so, we’re all doomed.


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  1. Cephas says:

    They must’ve run out of superlative statements about Obama or something.

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