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Keeping it Simple – VOTE ON 4 NOVEMBER!!!

  Let me keep this simple: VOTE ON 4 NOVEMBER!!! Much has been written here and elsewhere about the Conservative Malaise regarding the 4 November Presidential Election, particularly about John McCain not being conservative enough or even being a true … Continue reading

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Why McCain? Because business does not need more government

One of the claims of the leftist camp is that the current financial crisis is the result of the lack of government regulation of Wall Street. An objective evaluation of the facts underlying the crisis seems to reject that notion.

Succinctly, government entities–Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac–caused this crisis by creating the impression that they would continue to buy up subprime loans extend both under and outside the Community Reinvestment Act with the implicit guarantee that the government would bail the whole system out if it failed. This impression artificially inflated the value of commodities based on those subprime loans, thereby encouraging investors around the world to buy up assets that had values a fraction of their stated worth. […] Continue reading

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Thinking ahead

One of the great tragedies of the 2008 presidential election is that so many people believe they are voting for the lesser of evils. I think even hardcore leftists will admit quite a lot of misgiving and embarrassment that their candidate is a freshman ideologue whose strengths seem to be limited to giving good speeches and having media charisma.

Underlying this tragedy is an even greater misfortune, one that has haunted American politics for so long that people now believe that this state of affairs is how it has always been. The reason we face electing the lesser of evils in 2008 is that none of us participated in the process that led to the current candidates occupying the positions they do. […] Continue reading

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Trumpet fanfare

Introducing the new and improved look for the Worldview Weblog! Well, introducing the next step in the nearly constant upgrades that go on here at Worldview. At any rate, feel free to poke around and tell me what you think. … Continue reading

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A great post on supporting McCain

Here is a great post on supporting McCain from Cruising Down the Coast of the High Barbaree, a weblog favorite of mine. The author’s take on foreign policy is spot on from my view. -=DLH=-

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