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The stimulus is over

So, now it hits the fan. You see, the about $1 trillion the Obama administration spent over the past two years stimulating the economy had exactly the effect people who try to understand the actual economy expected it to: those … Continue reading

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Dear Mr. President…

If you want to create jobs, make it easier for the job creators to do so. Here are some things you could do right now that would result in almost immediate job creation: Stop targeting the job creators to pay … Continue reading

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Why the unmanaged economy works

Worldview Item of the Day

The Economist has a great article up about why the American economy works without overbearing government regulation: the dynamism of a system where people and businesses are allowed to succeed and fail in unending repetition based on opportunity.

The reason the American economy works is the same reason that living beings work. The human body, as an example, is constantly rebuilding itself by killing off malfunctioning cells and structures and replacing them with new cells and structures. In the economy, the failure of businesses creates opportunities for new business or for the growth of businesses in other areas than the ones that have failed. […] Continue reading

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Why McCain? Because business does not need more government

One of the claims of the leftist camp is that the current financial crisis is the result of the lack of government regulation of Wall Street. An objective evaluation of the facts underlying the crisis seems to reject that notion.

Succinctly, government entities–Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac–caused this crisis by creating the impression that they would continue to buy up subprime loans extend both under and outside the Community Reinvestment Act with the implicit guarantee that the government would bail the whole system out if it failed. This impression artificially inflated the value of commodities based on those subprime loans, thereby encouraging investors around the world to buy up assets that had values a fraction of their stated worth. […] Continue reading

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