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Last week, I posted on what I was thinking about the ongoing protests in Iran, which post I believe I need to clarify.

I do not, in any way, doubt the sincerity of the protesters themselves. I do not believe that the protesters are part of some kind of well-staged media event. People do not die horrible deaths at the hands of an uncaring government unless they believe in why they are fighting. The protesters rightly believe that the election was stolen from them, and that is why they are protesting.

However, I do believe that the protests are only allowed to continue because they serve the purposes of the Ayatollah. The moment the protesters threaten the power of the Ayatollah, the response against the protesters will be swift, violent, and bloody.

If the protesters want to secure their liberty, then, it is the Ayatollah they must face. They will not be free from the slavery imposed on them in 1979 until they launch a counter-revolution against it. Until the day the protests stop being against Ahmadinejad and start being against theocracy, the results of what is going on in Iran right now will be more of the same.


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