Why can’t it just work?

One of the problems with using the Internet as much as I do is that it takes a lot of other things working to get there. Specifically, I have to have a good, reliable connection, an adequate computer, and a web browser that is capable of doing the things I asked it to.

A few years ago, I switched from using Internet Explorer to using Firefox because IE 6 & 7 could not do what I was asking them to do. Firefox 2.x to 3.3 proved to me that using the Internet for everything from webloging to editing documents could be useful and enjoyable. Then came Firefox 3.5

Since Mozilla released that browser, using the Internet has become increasingly difficult, to the point where there was no point in trying. Returning to Internet Explorer was out of the question, so what’s an Internet superuser to do?

Enter Google Chrome.

I know, I know, I get excited about a lot of things Google does, but Chrome was not really one of them. Unfortunately, Chrome is the last man standing as each of the other browsers succumbs to whatever the creeping doom that brings such things to their knees might be.

I switched to Chrome today, so it’s not really fair for this to be a first look or field report review, but I can immediately comment on the following: it is more stable, uses less resources, and is just as capable as any of the other major competitor browsers out there.

Except, it doesn’t have a toolbar.

That’s right, Google, who has bent every other major browser to its will with its excellent Google Toolbar, did not include the features from that toolbar in its own browser. Why? I have no idea, but I can tell you that not having ready access to focused searches, page translation, and Google Docs could end up being the main reason I try to go back to Firefox.

If anyone from Google happens to read this post, fix this problem: add the toolbar capabilities into Chrome, and your browser may well be perfect.


As an aside, I would be interested in hearing from people who might be willing to develop a for cost browser alternative. Contact me via the Contact link or via email at dlhitzeman at hitzeman dot com.

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