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Fighting war in the public eye

The recent release of a previously classified military video by the website WikiLeaks has once again reignited the firestorm over the nature of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. A central thesis of the people who oppose the war(s) based … Continue reading

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Attention everyone!

The United States is preparing to withdraw its forces from Iraq in as little as 16 months from January 20, 2009. Please make sure that al Qaeda in Iraq, and the Sunni and Shia militias know so that they can effectively prepare for said departure. While we’re at blabbing our military plans to our enemies, let’s leak and publish units, locations, and timeframes for that withdrawal. […] Continue reading

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Is Obama lucky or protected

Worldview Item of the Day Writing for the FoxNews Fox Forum weblog, Richard Miller suggests that Barack Obama is lucky that the Blagojevich scandal did not break before he was elected. I wonder if Obama is lucky or protected.

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The problem with modern conservatism

One of the basic problems with modern “conservatism” is that it is so damned elitist. Where modern liberalism/leftism/socialism benefits from huge grassroots efforts, conservatives rely on the words and wisdom of a very few people that many conservatives take as … Continue reading

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8:10 p.m.: Ok, so really

How can the media call a state that has not reported any votes, then take the call back, issue it again, take it back again, issue it again, then cry? Maybe we should watch and see who the voters actually … Continue reading

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