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The Rambling Road: A question of precision

Having medical conditions often means medication, and taking medications often means a level of precision whether we realize it or not. Each medication has its own, often unique, requirements for administration that are often, in some way, in conflict with … Continue reading Continue reading

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Food: Retuning cheese making

From the beginning, my desire to make cheese was rooted more in a desire to find a way to preserve milk I might actually have in excess at my farm than any other thing. That is, I never set out to make true Cheddar or Ricotta. Instead, I want to make Innisfree cheese using time-tested … Continue reading Retuning cheese making Continue reading

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Learning from my mistakes

One of the advantages of reading weblogs written by honest people is that they tend to share their experiences, even when they happen to be negative or embarrassing. I try to do that very thing with my weblog, and I do … Continue reading

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