Counting every vote

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One of the fundamentals of democracy is counting every eligible vote.

Unless that vote is one of 400,000 military absentee ballots estimated not to have been counted across the country during the 2006 general election. I try to avoid conspiracy theories, but I have to wonder what 400,000 votes would have done to a variety of races in 2006.

This is, in my view, just another instance of a growing American trend toward treating its military members like second-class citizens. From poor support mechanisms for deployed personnel to poor care for wounded veterans to questionable care for veterans in general, the United States seems to be losing its grip on what is required to defend itself.

Every nation must defend itself. Defense requires people willing to defend. If a nation treats its defenders so badly they no longer want to serve, then who does the defending? Go ahead and try the draft again. We all know how well that turns out.


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