B.Hussein Obamessiah blesses the Surge

Worldview Item of the Day Bonus Round

Even as the Obamessiah embraces his role as chief inquisitor of the Democrat religion, he confesses that he could not foresee the success that the Surge in Iraq has brought about. This is failure at predicting the future seriously questions B. Hussein’s abilities as a deity and candidate of hope.

Perhaps we should ask his running mate, Joseph Stalin Biden: wait, he still believes that the Surge is a failure.

Sarcasm aside, if B. Hussein Obama was wrong about the surge, what else has his zero foreign policy experience led him to be wrong about? Perhaps he is wrong in calling for unilateral diplomacy with nations that have threatened us? Perhaps he is wrong about opposing the development of advanced weapons systems that continue to give the United States the edge in military conflicts for decades to come?

Without security, a libertarian democracy is just a target for the subjugation of the enemies of liberty. The Presidency is not the place to learn about one’s positions; those positions must be tested as true. Barack Hussein Obama reveals by his own words that he is not prepared for the presidency. He does not know the answers and he cannot envision them.

On the other hand, John McCain was always an ardent supporter of the Surge. John McCain believes the United States should fulfill its commitments in Iraq and around the world. John McCain is clear on his vision and answers because he understands what his answers mean and what it will take to enact them. McCain may not be a false god, but he certainly is a better candidate for president.


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4 Responses to B.Hussein Obamessiah blesses the Surge

  1. chrispy85 says:

    You should probably say, “McCain may not be a false god, and he certainly is a better candidate for president” Unless, of course, you’re encouraging people to make of/for themselves graven images…

  2. dlhitzeman says:

    Well, the Democrats certainly are encouraging such a thing.

  3. Matt Janson says:

    McCain 2008!! All the way!! He is the change and reform we need!

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