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Thoughts from Innisfree on the Stillwater: Five years on: First, a request

As part of our effort to advance our cause at Innisfree, we have started a GoFundMe Campaign to support our coppicing effort. If you are interested, go check out the GoFundMe page to find out more.

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Contract warfare

The internet is awash in a story originating from the Wall Street Journal about how Iranian-backed insurgents in Iraq have “hacked” raw feeds from Predator drones in service there using cheap, commercially available software. While this development is troubling, it … Continue reading

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Losing sight of the bigger picture

In the last 24 hours, I have had three conversations with otherwise diehard conservatives ceding the election to Obama because they cannot get excited about McCain.

So let me get this straight: because McCain has been a centrist on issues like immigration, campaign finance, and social programs, you are going to let one of the most liberal candidates ever to run for the White House win instead? […] Continue reading

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Despots and terrorists take notice

As I mentioned, one of the interesting advanced technologies currently under development by the military is a rocket powered glider capable of being dropped from an aircraft and the gliding at high speed for perhaps hundreds of miles to allow special forces troops to arrive at targets quickly and almost undetected. A prototype of that idea flew across the English Channel today. Jules Crittenden has some great pictures. […] Continue reading

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B.Hussein Obamessiah blesses the Surge

Even as the Obamessiah embraces his role as chief inquisitor of the Democrat religion, he confesses that he could not foresee the success that the Surge in Iraq has brought about. This is failure at predicting the future seriously questions B. Hussein’s abilities as a deity and candidate of hope.

Perhaps we should ask his running mate, Joseph Stalin Biden: wait, he still believes that the Surge is a failure. […] Continue reading

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