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If our government won’t, should we?

Worldview Item of the Day

Our current era of connectedness allows us an unprecedented view into international affairs, one so unprecedented that we often no longer need to trust our government to reach foreign policy conclusions on our behalf. We can evaluate the evidence and reach those conclusions on our own.

The Constitution clearly prohibits individual citizens from taking foreign policy actions on their own, but at what point does the belief by a group of citizens that the government’s foreign policy actions are wrong allow that group of citizens to act? This idea of private foreign policy is one that is growing and will likely come to plague traditional governmental systems with more frequency in the years to come. […] Continue reading

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Uncontrolled Yacking

Worldview Thought for the Day

So, will the Obama administration keep yacking while US influence on the world stage burns? This tendency certainly appears to be the case.

The administration has a long list of yacking it has committed itself to, which includes telling our terrorist enemies how to better prepare for interrogation, negotiating with North Korea while it recommits to its nuclear program, and agreeing to negotiate with Iran while it pursues its own program to build nuclear weapons. Continue reading

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Who do you trust to handle this?

Russia, the Cold War’s recently re-aggravated old bear, is moving forward with plans to finish a nuclear reactor in Iran capable of producing materials that Iran could process into components for nuclear weapons. Meanwhile, the same grumpy old bear is planning military exercises with Venezuela. Oh, and North Korea is reassembling its nuclear weapons material producing reactor. […] Continue reading

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B.Hussein Obamessiah blesses the Surge

Even as the Obamessiah embraces his role as chief inquisitor of the Democrat religion, he confesses that he could not foresee the success that the Surge in Iraq has brought about. This is failure at predicting the future seriously questions B. Hussein’s abilities as a deity and candidate of hope.

Perhaps we should ask his running mate, Joseph Stalin Biden: wait, he still believes that the Surge is a failure. […] Continue reading

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