Uncontrolled Yacking

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So, will the Obama administration keep yacking while US influence on the world stage burns? This tendency certainly appears to be the case.

The administration has a long list of yacking it has committed itself to, which includes telling our terrorist enemies how to better prepare for interrogation, negotiating with North Korea while it recommits to its nuclear program, and agreeing to negotiate with Iran while it pursues its own program to build nuclear weapons.

There are times and places for such yacking, such as when it is not being used to give enemies information or being used as a stalling tactic, but there are far more times, especially with foreign policy, where yacking is the wrong approach. Sometimes silence is the best idea: you know, speaking softly and carrying big sticks and all that.

What I wonder is what there will be to yack about when the cost of all the previous yacking is revealed for what it is. I’m betting the silence will be deafening.


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